Carlo Vittadini and the Truffles

Perhaps not everyone knows, but he was an Italian doctor, mycologist and botanist of the 19th century, the first in the world to create the original and more detailed scientific work on the various species of Truffle (tuberaceae).

Illustrious mind and great mushroom lover, in 1831 Carlo Vittadini published the Monographia Tuberacearum, where he described well over 65 species of Truffles: starting from the best known to the rarest ones he came to identify 50 species hitherto unknown.

A meticulous work composed of 5 colour plates drawn in his hand, where he assigned the botanical name to each species of truffle

Carlo Vittadini was a true pioneer and even today the nomenclatures he coined for the "hypogean mushrooms" are used in all botanical-scientific documents and all classifications of Truffles

The meticulousness and passion in describing the various species of truffles is undoubtedly commendable: first, he illustrated the shape, the size that each typology can reach, the colour and size of the spores, the characteristics of the gleba (he observed with great detail also the consistencies of the niches) and carefully expressed the smells and the olfactory pleasantness of each truffle.

Vittadini did not leave out any detail and devoted in his elaborates extreme attention also to the land, to the territory where each truffle was found, to its symbiotes and the illustration of the seasonality of the precious tubers.


Original photos, taken from Monographia Tuberacearum by

Carlo Vittadini









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