Fresh truffles must always be stored in the refrigerator, wrapped in paper towel and closed in a glass or plastic jar.

Make sure the paper is always dry, and change it whenever necessary – this may mean every day.

The maximum shelf life of truffles varies according to the type (black truffles and black summer truffles are more resistant, while the white ones and the bianchetto variety spoil sooner), the size, and the season. We suggest consuming your truffles in 4-5 days.

How we store our truffles
Thanks to our long experience in the sector, our laboratory can currently produce a wide range of truffle and mushroom products, made with different preservation systems.

The safest and best known of these is conservation in oil or brine: after a very strict sterilisation process, the products are ready to use, with a shelf life ranging from 18 to 36 months without the need for refrigeration before opening.

As for all preserves, vacuum guarantees that the product is intact and safe for consumption. It is therefore always advisable to check for the absence of the click-clack noise in the button in the centre of the lid.