La Bottega del Tartufo: specialised sales point by Giuliano Tartufi

Since 2014, Giuliano Tartufi has decided to invest in a new project: bringing to life a network of extremely specialised shops called “La Bottega del Tartufo”.

What’s the reason behind the brand La Bottega del Tartufo?

La Bottega del Tartufo is our new brand, with the purpose of giving life to a commercial ideal as yet unheard-of in Italy: sales points highly specialised in truffles, in all their variations, from the fresh ones to preserved truffles under the Giuliano Tartufi brand, and including a series of other particular specialties containing truffles.

La Bottega del Tartufo must be a guarantee, for final customers and for our company, of:

  • Quality
  • Continuity of stock throughout the year
  • Correct information on truffles and on the details of each single product
  • Uniformity, at a national level, regarding the offer and the prices to the public

La Bottega del Tartufo offers shop owners the possibility to exploit professional support in terms of know-how, business start-up, communication, and image.

This solution may be of interest both to the owner of an existing shop and to anyone who wishes to take up a “plug-and-play” business. The fundamental element for success is the training of a Manager for the Bottega del Tartufo who understands the strategies of the main office, and reproduces them at the sales points.

Who can open a Bottega del Tartufo?

A sales point can be activated or opened:

  • An existing business: Thanks to the use of the brand “La Bottega del Tartufo”, it is possible to potentiate the visibility of the sales point, to implement targeted marketing initiatives, and to use well-known and approved sales strategies.
  • A new sales point: In this case, it is necessary to fulfil a few requisites, request a survey to the main office, and carry out an analysis of the costs and potentialities.


La Bottega del Tartufo offers an established name and brand, supplies high-quality products, and guarantees full marketing support, all the while leaving you free to develop your own sales initiatives.

Below are some of the advantages:

  • Higher discounts than in the usual business to business relationships;
  • Possibility of goods in consignment;
  • Supply of a wide range of truffle products;
  • Implementation of well-tested sales strategies;
  • Qualified support for the sales of products and the promotion of the sales point;
  • Assistance regarding the training of the Manager of the Bottega del Tartufo;
  • Certifications and support in terms of public health issues;
  • Freedom of choice in the selection of brands of other products to be sold;
  • No obligations in terms of furnishing or decoration of the shop.

L’angolo del Tartufo: the specialised corner branded Giuliano Tartufi

Following the same line as the Bottega del tartufo shops, the L’angolo del tartufo was designed to offer the possibility, to an established shop or to a shop that is still being established, to dedicate a highly specialised corner to truffles, using the know-how offered by Giuliano Tartufi as well as the numerous advantages of the full-range support provided by the company.

An appointment with truffles

One of our truffle experts is available to organise a tasting session at retailers (La Bottega del Tartufo shops, l’Angolo del tartufo shops, or retailer shops) to introduce consumers to the inebriating world of truffles. An interesting and efficient way to make your customers curious, to initiate them in the culture of truffles, and to promote your own business.

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