Pesto with Porcini mushrooms and Summer Truffle

The Pesto Porcini and Summer Truffle (10%) can be used in many different dishes.Thanks to its delicate flavor, this
product is very appreciated by the more exigent and more carefull Consumers.


• Toasted bread (toasts, crostini)
• Pasta, rice, risotto and polenta
• Filling for pasta (ravioli, tortellini) or meat
• Grilled, baked and fried meat
• Omelettes

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• This product is perfect for everybody, also for who is not so expert in Truffle cooking
• As it’s a very transversal product, it can be used in a simple or elaborate manner, according to the cooking skills

We suggest to use 15-20g of cream per person; you can warm it in a pan for a simple use (crostini or condiment for
pasta) or for difficult recipes as a dressing combined to other ingredients.

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36 Months