Ingredients for four people:

320gr of veal fillet
2lt of spieced meat brot
1lt of water
200gr of truffle polenta
100gr mont d’or
Veal brot salsa
Fresh black truffle of Norcia
Aromatic herbs


In boiling water put the cream and boil for about 40 minutes, in another bowl cook a bain marie the mont d’or and the cream untill obtaining a smooth fondue.

Cut the fillet in cubes of about 25gr each.
Boil the brot previously seasoned with spieces and herbs, cook the cubes for 3 minutes.
Place the polenta on the plate, put the vail fillet, mont d’or fondue and the slices of fresh Norcia truffle.


Chef Bobo Cerea, Ristorante Da Vittorio Brusaporto, 3 Michelin Stars