I am Giuliano Martinelli founder of Giuliano tartufi Srl

My adventure began forty years ago, when a little bit for fun .. a little bit for destiny, I discovered the world of truffles and immediately a great passion was born inside me 

I was little more than a teenager, every morning I went out with my moped, I tied behind a small wooden box and brought with me my dog ​​and the vanghetto* that my grandfather had given me: I grew up like this, in the awareness that the search for truffles is a real art, which is learned little by little and is learned with constancy, dedication and a lot of perseverance! 

While cultivating my passion I first worked as a worker at a video game factory then I was hired by the Mountain Community ... over time, however, I started to feel that my heart was beating elsewhere!

One day like this I took courage and made the most important decision of my life: I quit and started to dedicate myself completely to the world of truffles! 

Small steps, always in the same direction, always carrying on my ideas, without ever looking back: only in this way, I managed to become a highly experienced truffle hunter.

Over the years I have dealt with many professionals in the sector who have allowed me to increase my skills even more and also to become an expert connoisseur of truffle dogs: in my life, I have grown more than 120 specimens! until a few years ago, I met my beloved Lolita, my favourite adventure companion! The first time I saw her it was like seeing Maradona playing football as a child: I wanted her, I adopted her, I raised her, I taught her to look for truffles, with her I immediately established a truly special relationship.

The first years of work as a truffle hunter passed quickly until my instinct told me that it was time to give my profession a further turn: I decided to stop being "just" a truffle hunter and I started to buy and resell truffles.

During this new activity, I often happened that some small truffle was advancing, so I thought: "this that is left to me, because I don't do it in pieces and I keep it in a jar?"

I started with 3, then 14, then 53 jars! from there I never stopped!

My company Giuliano Tartufi Srl was born like this: with fresh truffles, with many small jars and also thanks to many men and women ... "crazy" and courageous who in recent years have followed, helped and supported me: it is also thanks to them that Giuliano Tartufi has arrived where she is now

At the beginning, the results were not always positive, but I never had the doubt whether to give up or continue because this is not a novel but it is my life: I remained the same as 40 years ago when I only had a dog, a moped and a vanghetto* because you either have the passion or you can’t create it!


*the vanghetto is a special tool similar to a small shovel







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