Seasoning based on garlic, chilli and summer Truffle in powder

Variant of the classic and multi-awarded Giuliano Tartufi Truffle Powder® . An exceptional seasoning, thanks to its easy use, it is ideal for finishing many dishes and for giving flavor to any Truffle-based dish. Product highly sought after by consumers and catering professionals, Truffle-based Spolverata are the most captivating and winning idea of ​​the entire Giuliano Tartufi product line to date.


  • Pasta, rice, polenta
  • Grilled or baked meat
  • Fish
  • Grilled, baked and fried vegetables (mainly potatoes)
  • Seasoning for fried dishes

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  • Truffle powders are a new product, but already worldwide best sellers
  • An inebriating condiment to perfectly complete any kind of dish
  • Easy to use

We recommend a light sprinkle during cooking and/or directly on the dish when ready.

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Weights Available

30g, 100g

Shelf Life

12 Months