Giuliano Tartufi born from the hobby and the passion of a very young Giuliano Martinelli, C.E.O and Founder, who, already in the early 80’s used to go every morning into the woods to hunt truffles together with his inseparable dog.

Very soon, Giuliano decides to follow his dream to devote himself exclusively to hunt and deal with fresh truffles, using the unsold truffles to produce the first preserved Truffle products in a very small laboratory. Since 1991 Giuliano Tartufi company begin to participate to some of the most important Italian exhibitions and specializes this way in marketing, promoting the Truffle, at this time little know and esclusively reserved to the Elite. The goal of Giuliano Tartufi is and always has been sharing to everyone its passion for truffles, by bringing the culinary traditions and the typicalities of its land all over the world. 

As a matter of fact Giuliano Tartufi is committed every day to ensure that its values are transmitted and “married” by all its national and international partners: it is no coincidence that the graphic element that represents the company is a ring of truffles, a real symbol of eternal and indissoluble love for the truffle which became a strong brand in the worldwide truffle market in a few year thanks to a strong communication and capillar distribution Giuliano Martinelli, the founder, has recently received the award of Order of Merit of the Republic of Italy thanks to his engagement in social activities, in recruiting staff offering them continuous job, evolution and social benefits but also for the grown of the company constantly all over the years, increasing the value of our territory, the green heart of Italy “Umbria” from which our Truffles are deeply linked.

The honour continues investing Giuliano becoming Director of the Food section to the Italian National Craft Trades Confederation, Umbria Region, a very important representation for our niche sector.

More than 30 years of experience in producing truffle canned food and 50 years of experience in truffle hunting and dealing, push Giuliano Tartufi to lead the whole worldwide Truffle market.

Brief History:

  • 1980: Giuliano Martinelli, founder and CEO of Giuliano Tartufi srl begin his Truffle Hunter carrier discovering a huge passion for this precious mushroom
  • 1986-1989: Giuliano begin to deal with fresh truffle in local fairs specialised in Truffle or in local food products
  • 1994: Opening of a small laboratory to process the truffle creating some preserved products (the truffle sauce was the first one, still selling today)
  • 2001: Inauguration of the current warehouse and factory (1000 sqm)
  • 2008: Giuliano decided to present the truffle as a precious Diamonds thanks to the ring, today well known and recognized all over the world
  • 2014: inspired by the year of continuous business expansion (about +10% by year until 2014), Giuliano created together with a trusted partner, the “TRUFFLE CONCEPT STORE” calling it La Bottega del Tartufo, today 50 shops in Italy
  • 2016: New step for Giuliano Tartufi: Certifications IFS and BRC to get new market shares and become the leader in the Truffle worldwide market increasing the annual turnover of +20%
  • 2017: The Truffle concept store “La Bottega del Tartufo” inspires several customers to launch a similar franchising Truffle shops, Truffle corners or Truffle restaurant in various European countries. A new trend has born.
  • 2018: The structure has been expanded thanks to new machineries and the laboratory expand to 3000 sqm. This helps to increase the capacity of production to 20,000 / 30,000 jars by day
  • 2019: The Truffle Powder Giuliano Tartufi has won the Innovation Award for the most innovative condiment at GULFOOD DUBAI Trade Show in February, Cibus Connect PARMA and Foodvabkeurs Specialiteiten fair in Netherlands.
  • 2020: Company growth + 40% in 2019 with a turnover of more than 12,000,000 euro. Giuliano Martinelli is appointed “Cavaliere della Repubblica Italiana” (Knight of the Italian republic) for his professional and social commitment. In the meantime, the company continues its growth and becomes Giuliano Tartufi S.p.A. (LTD). The Truffle Carosello project starts: a full experiential immersion aimed to all those who want to find out more about this mysterious world.
  • 2021/2022: approved project to expand the facility until 10,000 sqm and new machineries to increase again the capacity of production by 3 times within 2027
  • 2022: The pilots stores and concept Giuliano Tartufi open in Riccione and Gubbio.
  • In 2022 also thanks to the strong commitment of Giuliano Tartufi in making the Italian truffle a world leading market share for the niche food sector, the Umbria region has decided to offer anyone with their own plot of land the opportunity to obtain a subsidy to develop its own truffle cultivation. With «Engaged for 10 years» Giuliano Tartufi will contribute to increasing the care of our land, protecting and feeding our territory, rich in the precious raw material, the truffle.
  • In 2023 in Pietralunga the works for the construction of the new factory begin; throughout Umbria, in the truffle grounds, the first truffle plants are planted. In the best cities of Italy and in Europe, the opening of single-brand sales points continues. The transition towards environmental sustainability has begun and the increasingly constant corporate internationalization continues.