The Commitment

Always with an eye to the different aspects of the economic, social and cultural contexts of our territory, we have always chosen to work with awareness, by evaluating the impact and the social consequences of our activities and actions.

Our commitment is to respect the following principles:

  1. not to use or support any child labour;
  2. not to favour or support any “forced and compulsory labour”;
  3. guarantee a safe and healthy workplace;
  4. respect the right of workers to join trade unions;
  5. not to engage in any kind of discrimination;
  6. not to use or support any disciplinary practices, such as corporal punishment, physical or mental coercion or verbal abuse;
  7. adapt working hours to national and local laws and agreements;
  8. pay employees respecting the national collective labour agreement and the supplementary company agreement, where present;
  9. operate with the maximum respect for the environment and the nature, ensuring an adequate life quality even to the animals linked to our business (truffle dogs);
  10. support sport and sports groups, in order to encourage children and adults to practice sports and to assume healthy and active lifestyle habits.

Compliance with the above principles is realized through:                            

  1. the definition of a company policy in line with these assumptions;
  2. the implementation of a management system aimed to encourage the development of a collaborative business climate;
  3. the timely management of employee complaints and reports, also through the identification of their representatives;
  4. the monitoring of social benefits to ensure constant improvement;
  5. the monitoring of suppliers, in particular of those deemed most critical, and of their sub-suppliers.

Determined to demonstrate the prestige and the value of our world, we decided to adapt all the phases of our supply chain to the highest international standards through the achievement of IFS and BRC certifications: the goal, from the beginning, was to prove the reliability and at the same time to optimize the performance of our business processes.

Our company keeps evolving: we never get tired of improving our operating methods.

We always look ahead: we design new recipes, innovate through new packaging solutions and explore new markets!


Quality Certifications