Sauce with black truffle

The Sauce with black Truffle (with 3% Tuber MelanosporumVitt.) is our most recent recipe of truffle sauce: the skilful combination of champignon mushrooms, porcini and prized black truffle releases an explosion of aromas and flavors. The dark color makes it extremely captivating also from a visual point of view.


  • Bread (toasts, crostini)
  • Pasta, rice, risotto and polenta
  • Filling for pasta (ravioli, tortellini) or meat
  • Grilled, baked and fried meat
  • Grilled, baked and pan-fried vegetables (mainly potatoes but also artichokes and eggplant)
  • Omelettes
  • Pizza
  • Cooked fishes
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Truffle Sauces are the easiest and most versatileproducts to use in the kitchen. We suggest to use 15-20g of sauce per person.

You can use it cold on a toasted bread or warm in a pan for cooking pasta. You can prepare more elaborated recipes adding fresh cream, melted cheese, bechamel, butter, oil, mayonnaise.

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