Truffle Spicy sauce with summer Truffle

The unforgettable Truffle Spicy Sauce is a blend of spicy, hot, tasty ingredients perfectly combined with Truffle, for a quick use, mainly for red meat, tapas, barbecue, hamburger and fried food. It i salso often used in Eastern, Asian and South American Cuisine


  • Red meat, Barbecue, Hamburgers
  • Fried food, Tapas
  • Bibimbap, Pad thai
  • Tempura, Samosa, Rolls
  • Sushi
  • Tacos, Tortillas, burritos


•Shake well before use.
•Pour directly on your dishes or serve it in a bowl apart.
•About 10g of sauce per person (very hot).

•This product is ready to use and does not need cooking.
•It is ideal to inebriate convivial aperitives, lunches, dinners
and barbecues.

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Truffle Street Food product range is thought for a QUICK AND EASY USE. “OPEN AND TASTE” a sauce for any moment and any dish, ready to use, delicious and immersive.

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Shelf Life

12 Months

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