Pesto with summer Truffle

The Speciality with pesto and truffle cream is a delicacy that can be combined very easily with many dishes. Due to its delicate flavor, this product is very appreciated by consumers and Italian pesto lovers (see suggestions for use)


• Pasta, rice and polenta
• It can also be used with cooked fish or meats

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• The speciality with pesto and truffle is very appreciated by the customers especially those looking for a high quality
• Ideal to remember the Italian touch thanks to the pesto, one of the most famous Italian product all around the world
• This product is ideal for people that appreciate delicate flavour, truffle savor is not too strong and very harmonious,
ideal for a new customer who doesn’t know truffle
• Easy use of the product: it does not need to be cooked and can be directly used on the dish

We suggest to use 40 – 45 g of cream per person, warm it gently before to add to the dish.

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Weights Available

45g, 80g, 170g

Shelf Life

36 Months