Grilled Courgettes and Summer Truffle

A rich and delicious recipe, based on carefully selected zucchinis, that get grilled and placed in sunflower oil. An intense and typically summery flavour available throughout the year, where the presence of summer truffle in slices guarantees an extra touch.

  • cold side dish for main courses with meat or fish
  • rich and delicious aperitifs and appetizers
  • enrichment of gourmet salads
  • pizza, bruschetta, croutons, savoury cakes
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  • Ready to be consumed
  • A truffle-based gourmet treat, valid to vegan and vegetarian consumers as well
  • For year round summer seekers

At will, some spoons or single pieces per portion, directly from their jar. They can be also processed to become a delicious condiment for pasta dishes, or a side cream for meat-based main courses.


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