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During spring and summer, Polenta with truffle may be cooked and left to cool on a plate or on a tray, before its cutting into small cubes: this way, it becomes a great pottage to be paired with cheese and/or cured meat.

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Slowly pour the Giuliano Tartufi Truffle Polenta in plenty of salted water and mix well with a whisk to make it soft, smooth and well blended at the end of cooking. Serve it with meat and / or vegetable sauces. At the end of cooking it can also be poured on a plate or on a tray to cool it, then cut into cubes it will be perfect for a brunch or a summer snack in combination with meats and cheeses.

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  • A versatile product to create both winter and summer recipes
  • An evergreen of the Italian cooking tradition, very easy to prepare

Pour gently the Giuliano Tartufi “Polenta with truffle” in plentiful salty water and blend well with a wire whisk to keep it soft and smooth until ready. To be served either warm or cold.

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