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“Carnaroli rice with summer truffle” is one of the most representative Made in Italy recipes and comes from the combination of two high-quality raw materials. Carnaroli rice, with its classic long shape, is the most appreciated rice variety for cooking risotto. If you are looking for something special with truffle, do not lose the opportunity to try it: an exceptional, tasty and quick dish that will be ready in a few simple steps.

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Boil the Carnaroli rice with summer truffle in plentiful salty water, drain “al dente” and finish cooking in a pan. Complete it with the addition of some butter, some Parmigiano Reggiano and some Summer truffle slices.

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  • A quick, tasty and refined dish, thanks to the prestigious raw materials it is made of
  • For goumet lunches and dinners, even last-minute

Carnaroli Rice with Summer Truffle is an excellent first course, simple to make and with the perfect result in terms of flavor, aroma and refinement.

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