Whole wheat Tagliatelle with White Truffle

Giuliano Tartufi “Wholegrain Tagliatelle with white truffle” are a genuine excelllence: the best whole wheat durum flour meets white truffle to create a first course whose texture has no peers. Perfect for who loves authentic flavors but at the same time pays attention to health and weight, whole wheat tagliatelle match with any condiment thanks to their porosity. For those who love intense flavors, an addition of some Giuliano Tartufi white truffle slices is highly recommended.

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A ready to cook Italian fine first course, lighter than usual.

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  • Easy to cook, for a last-minute gourmet meal
  • Great taste with the benefits of whole wheat pasta
  • Suitable also for beginners at cooking

Pour gently the Giuliano Tartufi “wholegrain tagliatelle with white truffle” in plentiful salty water, drain “al dente” and finish cooking in a pan. Complete it with the addition of some butter, some Parmigiano Reggiano and optionally some Giuliano Tartufi white truffle slices.

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